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Maud Einarsson

The desire for nature doesn't vanish when illness strikes or mobility becomes challenging. In fact, the therapeutic influence of nature likely becomes even more significant in such circumstances.

Seven years ago, Maud 's life underwent a drastic change when she began using a wheelchair. She battles Myositis with interstitial lung disease, a condition affecting both her muscles and lungs, weakening her and severely reducing her stamina. "But I refused to let that stop me from being in nature," Maud asserts.
Photo: Maud Einarsson, Instagram @vernadotter

Annelie Andersson - "It gives so much freedom"

Annelie lives with her daughter and partner outside Linköping in Sweden. In the past, when winter came, the family prepared for a tuff period of sadness and hardship. It became really difficult to even get outdoors. Nowdays they are looking forward to all the fun that comes with the snow.
"Its the best thing we own, it really is".
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Ramesh Haytasingh - "It’s exhilarating"

U.S. Navy veteran Ramesh Haytasingh received a Zoom electric all-terrain chair and tests it out on Siesta Beach for the first time. After serving more than 20 years in the navy he was injured in a surfing accident. This day was a great day for Ramesh. The chair is versatile enough that he will be able to take it to a supermarket but also enjoy the beach, all the way to the waters edge and feel confident.
"I can't wait to to smell the woods and listen to the nature. It's humbeling", says Ramesh.
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Calle Eriksson - "it has given me so much"

Calle lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Using the zoom is as natural as putting on his shoes before he goes out. When he first got the Zoom he was not aware how much use he will have for it and he can go wherever he wants whenever he wants.
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Thomas Fogdö - "It is totally amazing"

Thomas is Swedish former alpine skier and slalom specialist, he won the World Cup for that discipline in 1993.
On 7 February 1995 his life changed after breaking his spine in a training accident.
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