Om oss

We are a Swedish company that specialize in developing electrically powered one-man vehicles that offer a new level of freedom and driving enjoyment for everyone. Our mission, encapsulated in the phrase "A FREE MIND IN MOTION," drives everything we do
Our Journey
Our story began in 2001 when a handball player, facing the challenges of MS, found herself unable to explore the outdoors like she once did. This realization not only affected her, but also deeply impacted her partner, Mikael, a development engineer and co-founder of Zoomability. Determined to find a solution, Mikael dedicated his technical expertise and unwavering commitment to creating a vehicle that could restore his partner's freedom.

With the support of his friend Karri, whose visionary perspective recognized the potential impact beyond just solving one person's challenges, Mikael embarked on a journey filled with technical hurdles, financial struggles, and relentless determination. Despite the obstacles, their perseverance paid off when the first Zoom Uphill prototype successfully conquered rough terrain in 2009, bringing joy and hope to both creators.
Since then, Zoom has continued to spread happiness and empowerment, touching the lives of many around the world. The movement of "A FREE MIND IN MOTION" is gaining momentum, and we invite you to join us on this inspiring journey.

Come, be a part of the Zoom family, and experience the freedom of movement like never before.
Zoomability AB
Brandthovdagatan 24
721 35 Västerås, Sweden
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