Best all terrain wheelchair

Vår vision:

Att se ett stort leende i ditt ansikte

Ta dig bortom trottoarer, genom snö, sand eller skog. Njut av vandringsleder, fiska, jaga eller häng med dina vänner på en mountain-bike tur. Kom ut i naturen oavsätt terräng och väder.

I en Zoom, känner du vinden i ansiktet och kan leva ett friskare och mer aktivt liv!
För dina äventyr
Go places you thought were
out of your reach

Get inspired!
For your urban life
Get around your urban environment
without the car

Get inspired!

Zoom All Terrain electric wheelchair - The ultimate freedom machine

Introducing Zoom Uphill - your gateway to boundless exploration and adventure!
Whether conquering rugged trails or simply enjoying the great outdoors, this electric all-terrain wheelchair is your ultimate companion. Crafted with a permanent symmetrical 4-wheel drive, Zoom Uphill is engineered to navigate even the toughest terrain with ease.

Our patented frame design ensures that all four wheels maintain contact with the ground, delivering unparalleled stability and performance across any surface. With a lightweight construction, Zoom Uphill all terrain wheelchair offers effortless maneuverability.

Zoom is your ticket to adventure and convenience! You will get to enjoy places far beyond your previous reach without being dependent on others or clumsy and slow machines. Sandy beaches, muddy roads or snowy hills, are no match for you when you are in a zoom. And still, compact and agile enough to suit your daily activities.

Experience the freedom to explore like never before with Zoom Uphill - your ticket to healthier life with limitless adventures, wherever the path may lead.
Fantastiska terrängegensskaper
The patented frame design ensures that all four wheels stay in contact with the ground regardless of the type of surface. This provides unmatched 4-wheel drive all terrain performance and takes you places you didn't believe were within your reach.
Snabb & pålitlig
Your friend will no longer wait for you. You will have to wait for them. In the highest speed mode, you will definitely feel the wind in your face. You can go hiking, fishing, hunting or mountain biking. The reliable batteries will last 40km (25 miles), and that is a long hike.
Lätt & kompakt
You don't need a trailer, you can fit a Zoom in a station wagon like Toyota Corolla. You will be able to easily to fit in narrow paths, alleys or supermarket doors.
Trygg & bekväm
Your safety is our greatest focus. Zoom's extremely low center of gravity, keeps you safe and comfortable during long rides and any adventures in any terrain.
Jag trodde aldrig att jag kunde njuta av naturen till fullo igen...
Maud Einarsson
My love for the outdoors didn't fade away, even when I fell ill and faced severe mobility challenges. In fact, nature's rejuvenating power became even more crucial during this times. Few years ago, my life took a new turn when I had to accept a wheelchair into my life. Despite my illness, I remained determined to stay connected with nature. I refused to let it stop me from enjoying the outdoors,
You believe trekking is impossible if you are in a wheelchair? Go and try a ZOOM!
Patrick Mayer
Every time I explore nature with my Zoom, I am truly impressed by it’s power and capabilities. The Zoom allows me to leave my handicap at home and just enjoy untouched nature.
Det är så härlig att hänga med min bror, vart han än skall...
Peters de Wilde
De Wilde brothers wanted to have equal opportunities to go everywhere and soon Jeroen discovered the Zoom all terrain wheelchair and it opened up new opportunities. Suddenly he could join on paths off road, he and Jeroen could cover greater distances and nature could be reclaimed.
I can finally explore so many beautiful places...
Nellie Andersson
Previously I could not explore the world beyond the regular places. No I can explore so much more together with two of my friends .

Vem kan använda en Zoom?

Zoom är skapad för att passa individer med funktionsbegränsningar men passar lika bra för som har svårt att ta dig fram av andra orsaker eller om du bara vill ha kul.
Om du är starkare i en av dina armar, kan vi flytta kontrollerna som gas och broms till just denna sida.
Photo: Patrick Meyer

Vi söker återförsäljare

Många kunder vill prova en Zoom. Vi är väldigt måna om att det ska finnas relevant utbildning och service i alla våra kunders närhet.
Bli en återförsäljare och hjälp våra kunder att få tillgång till att prova, köpa Zoom, men även leverera service.
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