Zoomability has begun a collaboration with the Swedish organisation Active Life Foundation and will fund Jonas Jakobsson’s new position as Head of Development for the foundation. Jonas will work to increase Active Life Foundation’s awareness of the sports movement in order to help more injured athletes regain active life. The work also includes raising money to support the injured through rehabilitation and various forms of equipment. Jonas is a 30-fold para-Olympic medalist in shooting in 1980-2016, of which 17 is gold.

The Active Life Foundation was founded by Thomas Fogdö, winner of 5 World Cup sub-competitions in slalom in the 1990s, who became paralyzed from the waist down on February 7, 1995 during a training session.

 “We are extremely happy and grateful for the collaboration with Zoomability, which through its support gives us the opportunity to connect Jonas Jakobsson to the foundation, and by that work even more intensively to reach and help more affected athletes. In addition, Zoomability is a company that through its vehicles works to achieve similar goals.”, says Alexandra Montgomery, president of the Active Life Foundation