On August 10, at 8:20 a.m., Mikael and Lotta Larsson started from Berga By in Sälen, Sweden, to drive the 94 kilometer (151 miles) stretch to Mora with their specially equipped Zoom Uphill® electric wheelchairs. After 8 hours and 49 minutes, at 5:09 PM, they passed under the Vasalopp Portal. The path is the same as the famous ski race Vasaloppet, which has been arranged since 1922.

It is an inofficiell World record to drive an electric wheelchair, without changing batteries, both in terms of distance and time.

Driving such a distance in an electric wheelchair is a very tough achievement. The course has a large height difference in parts, as everyone knows who has skied the Vasaloppet, with both short and steep slopes, not to mention the approx. 4 miles uphill at the start and the Lundbäck slope. But it is also a very varied surface with a few kilometers of asphalt, then forest roads and paths with sharp stones and sometimes grass.

However, Micke and Lotta took it relatively easy and stopped in Evertsberg for a 45-minute lunch break. Along the way, a number of short breaks were also made to enjoy the beautiful nature and get some blueberries along the edge of the trail. But also, to post some pictures on Instagram (lamemicke).

In addition, after Evertsberg, Micke suffered a puncture on the left rear. However, he drove on the remaining 56 miles to Mora without fixing it. The driving characteristics changed a little and they had to slow down, but they finished despite that with an unofficial world record.

After the finish, both said they would like to do it again and will then work a little harder to beat their newly set world record, if no one else has done it before.

See the world record video