We have good news for Americans living in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia and Texas. On Valentines Day “The Zoom” is available for purchase on the general market. 2014 more than a hundred US veterans received a Zoom from The Independence Fund and the Swedish company who invented this all-terrain mobility vehicle chose Valentines Day to “go public”.

We have seen what joy and freedom the Zoom has brought to deserving veterans and it´s time to let the American people get the same opportunity, says Bjorn Larsson, Executive President of Zoomability.

Zoom Uphill®, or “Zoom” is one of the world’s lightest and smallest electric, all-terrain vehicles. 
It has revolutionary driving capabilities off-road including sand and snow. It easily climbs obstacles and sidewalks thanks to the U.S. patented boggy divider technology. You drive a Zoom sitting down, using arms and hands only, which makes it a safe but extraordinary driving experience. The maximum speed is 12 mph and the two lithium ion batteries give you a range of 25 miles on a flat road without making noise or pollution.

The Zoom is available for purchase and delivery to Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia or Texas and all Sales Representatives are retired US veterans working on sales commission from Zoomability Inc. with head quarters in Austin, TX.

Bjorn continues; – We´ve met so many veterans who want´s to get to work again so what better spokesmen, for the physical and mental freedom the Zoom gives, than them? We are ready to launch in five States for the moment and what better day to open the shop than on Valentine´s Day? This is our gift the American people and we dedicated it to the veterans and The Independence Fund.

Zoom Sales Rep´s to contact:

Zoom in Florida
Miami Area
Barry Offenburger
[email protected]

Orlando Area
Luis Lopez
[email protected]

Tampa Area
Greg Amira
[email protected]

Brandon Freeman
[email protected]

Maurice Levine
[email protected]

Zoom in Texas
Austin Area
Peter Holmertz
[email protected]

San Antonio Area
Spencer McGinnis
[email protected]

Zoom in California

Justin Bond
[email protected]

US Veterans
To test drive a Zoom, please search for your closest Zoom Ambassador here.