Freedom could mean different things. For a person with no physical impairment it could be freedom of speech and live the life you choose. For others, with limited mobility, it could be to visit places you can’t reach without help from others. 

That’s why we developed Zoom Uphill, the 4wd, electric all-terrain vehicle that can take the driver off the pavement into nature. 

With the Zoom you can drive on the beach, on paths in the forest, or up and down mountain slopes. It can be used for hunting and fishing, or just for a silent ride into the forest. Or why not bring it in  your car and use it at tourist attractions where you have some rough terrain or slopes – or perhaps rent one if they’re available.

The best thing about the Zoom is the sense of freedom it gives to the user, a freedom that was lost in an accident or never was there – the essence of Zoom Uphill is A FREE MIND IN MOTION – which gives the smile back into the users faces.