Is Zoom Uphill a medical device?
Yes, Zoomability AB who is the company that has developed and produce Zoom Uphill, is registered as a medical device class 1 according to the medical device regulation (EU)2017/745 (MDR) since January 2021 by the Swedish notified body Läkemedelsverket.
It is also tested by RISE in Sweden and comply with EN12184.

How fast does the Zoom go?
Maximum speed: 12,6 mph/20 km/h. With the Speed Selector you can reduced speed to walking speed of 3 mph/5 km/h -medium speed (6 mph, 10 km/h) for comfort and convenience. By reprogramming the four motors the top speed can be reduced to any number.

What is the minimum age to operate a Zoom?
In the U.S. the Zoom is intended for use by an operator 16 years of age or older. Check your local regulations. In Europe children much younger are riding a Zoom.

What is the range of the Zoom on a full battery charge?
Under optimal riding conditions on flat smooth surfaces the batteries will last up to 25 miles/40 km of riding. For demanding riding in terrain, you should not expect a range above 15-19 miles/25-30 km. Plan your riding accordingly. The batteries provide full power until they become exhausted and performance will drop relatively quickly.

What type of terrain is the Zoom capable of handling?
Capabilities off-road include sand and snow. It easily climbs obstacles and sidewalks thanks to the patented boggy divider technology. It is suitable for use off-road, where one generally can walk without climbing. Driving in sand, snow, mud, uphill or up sidewalks is a pure pleasure. You just need to keep clear from saltwater.

Is the Zoom a wheelchair?
The Zoom has been assigned ISO-code 12.23.03 which stands for an electrical wheelchairs with manual steering. In the USA, the Zoom is considered an other power-driven mobility device (OPDMD) for recreational use. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities can use an OPDMD anywhere the general public. Contact your local authorities for more information or visit
In many European countries it is registered as a Medical device class 1 according to MDR/20217.

Do I need to use a helmet?
We recommend using a helmet for your safety, but in most countries there is no law on that. 

How much service does it need and where can I get it?
What you need to do is to have your batteries fully loaded and keep the Zoom clean by swabbing it with water and a mild detergent now and then. Don not use washer with hight pressure.
Our re-sellers from whom you got it are supposed to take care of after sales service during the warranty period. After that any bike or motorcycle repair shop should have the skills to take care of that. Like fixing a flat tire or fill hydraulic oil for the breaks if needed.
Spare parts can be ordered from your re-seller if needed.