About Zoomability

We develop electrically powered one-man vehicles that create a new kind of freedom of movement and driving enjoyment for everyone as is evident by our mission: A FREE MIND IN MOTION.

How it all began

Back in 2001 the inevitable happened. A handball girl, who suffers from MS, did not have the legs to carry her anymore. The interest she shared with her partner, to move freely in the wild and just experience a beautiful day in the forest was thus no longer something that she seemingly could indulge. This also affected her partner. Her partner was development engineer and co-founder of Zoomability, Mikael. Since 2001 he has devoted all his technical skills and persistence to develop a very clever solution to her problems.

It was through Mikael’s friend the product formed the basis for a movement. A visionary with intuitive orientation saw that Mikael was not only about to solve his partner’s problems. He was going to create something great for many, many more people. It was Karri Zanderléhn, with his holistic approach, who realized that the concept simply stands for physical freedom and also could mean mental emancipation. After several years of technical challenges, financial hardship, heart palpitations and foolish stubbornness Mikael and Karri succeeded producing a Zoom Uphill in real life. When they took the first prototype for a test drive in terrain both thought -Will it actually work? Not only did the Zoom conquer any terrain, it brought a huge smile on their faces. This was in 2009.

Since then the Zoom has continued to bring smiles on many, many faces and the movement of A FREE MIND IN MOTION is now spreading rapidly across the world.

We invite you to be part of the Zoom journey.


Our product Zoom has revolutionary characteristics in various types of terrain and can negotiate snow, sand, sidewalk curbs without problem. The Zoom is fast, light and brings laughter back.